Expanding Our Resources To Ensure Our Mission

The Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company is embarking on an historic $3 million Capital Campaign in 2017. A first for this company, which celebrated 120 years of service to the community and Baltimore County this year, the campaign is intended to fund much-needed upgrades in multiple areas. Just as the fire service in general has evolved tremendously over the past decades, so has Company 32. With society dictating a higher demand in services, all volunteer fire companies have been challenged to keep up. Pikesville is no different. As a result, we must initiate upgrades in both our physical structure as well as rolling stock in order to continue with our commitment to serving the community. We MUST expand our resources to ensure our mission.

The intent of this campaign is to fund three major undertakings: renovation of the current physical structure and the replacement of TWO primary pieces of rolling stock: Tower 323 and Engine 321. This site is the primary hub for the public to learn about our campaign, give directly, and seek further individual communication with potential donors. We greatly appreciate your interest in our initiative and hope to hear from you!