Phase 1: Building Renovation

We seek to improve in five primary areas to continue our success: recruitment, retention, housing, training, and equipment. The first and most important need is that of our physical structure. Our facilities are outdated and no longer meet the standard required to both entice new members and retain current ones. To do so requires a modern living space with adequate facilities to meet the needs of today’s volunteer. Instead of building a new structure -- a move which would prove fiscally irresponsible to both the company and our community -- we are embarking on a complete renovation of our existing footprint. This will prove to be a prudent and conservative solution to meet our needs. The finished product will include modern living facilities for overnight stay, a commercial grade kitchen, a large communal eating area, adequate administrative office space, and inviting social and recreational spaces for members to utilize in down time. Our current floor plan meets none of these requirements. We will modernize and upgrade every square foot of the existing footprint -- most drastically within our current community hall -- to provide the needed environment for our continued growth. The estimated cost for this endeavor is $1.6 million.