Phase 2: Tower 323

Tower 323, our ladder truck, currently makes up one of two special services that the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company provides to Baltimore County. (Our other special service is Squad 322, a heavy and technical rescue vehicle.) Tower 323 serves a wide response area for aerial operations. Our current truck has reached the end of its life from maintenance and efficiency standpoints, It would be prohibitively costly to keep our current unit in service for any extended time frame. We are committed to continuing to provide this valuable service to the community and the county at-large. The ONLY way to do so is to replace the existing unit with a new ladder truck. This phase will be initiated as soon as the building project is complete. The estimated cost to replace Tower 323 is $1.2 million.

Phase 3: Engine 321

Engine 321 is the busiest of the fire suppression apparatus at Company 32. Engine 321 supports the "traditional" role of the firefighter in putting out fires as well as providing Emergency Medical Services to the community. It, too, has passed its prime in terms of efficient maintenance. The unit is so old that many parts that regularly need replacing during maintenance are no longer even available from the original manufacturer. It is clearly not prudent to continue servicing and repairing our current unit. A new Engine must be purchased to replace it. The estimated cost to replace Engine 321 is $600,000.